CS96/3318 [ From National Archives of Scotland -their document description below]

William Gerard of Stonehouse. Copy condescendences and proofs by relations

Dates 1764-1767

Trust by Trust Disposition and Settlement. - charitable bequests in Aberdeen; residue of estate (£1380) to be divided among relations of first, second and third degree (374 claimants). Gerard formerly a ship's captain, sailing between London and Portugal. Rental of estate of Stonehouse (Stirlingshire); disposal of farm bear and meal; inventory of writs from 1531. Inventory of household furniture, silver work and body clothes. Relations in France, Spain, Jamaica, Virginia; including deceased Francis Fordyce, Spanish admiral or general.


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The index at the front is very poor but worth persevering with as the text is in a very much clearer hand. I've given a transcription of most of it below and following that a sample of information available.

Index to the following Condescendence’s and proof by the
Mrs Ann Gordon – page 1
Robert Chapman – page 2 & 3
Mrs Robertson –page 3, 4 & 5
William & Ann Gerands in the parish of Rethen & Strichen in the County of
Aberdeen – Pages 7, 8, 9, 104, 11
Marg. Davidson & Robert & Catherine Chapmans in the towns of Montrose
and Queensferry – pages 11 – 15, 6
John & George Martins and Janet Martine in the county of Aberdeen &
Kincardine - pages 16-21
Professor Shaw at St. Andrews – pages 21 - 22
Alex. Gray in Ffindlater in Banffshire for his four children.- page 23
William & Elspeth Stills and their twelve children and of James & ? Stills
residing in the county of Aberdeen & Kincardine - pages 24 - 31
George & Janet Martines in said Counties pages 31 and 41
William Durnvard? And others pages 42 - 43
William Durnard? & his two daughters, Robert Durnard? And his five
children and Elizabeth Durnard? And her 3 children and Ann Brown pages
44 - 56
Margaret Leslie and Margret Robertson her daughter in Strichen pages 56
- 62
Note from page 63 to ? is the proof of Jean Davidson & Wm. Davidson of
Balnairaig being brother and sister.
Claim for Jean Davidson Ann Stewart her daughter Robert Stewart her?
Son and his two sons [also 84 - 88]– Isobel Gordon and her four children
and the descendents of George Gerard pages 82 - 84
John Gerard in Mains of Nether Banchory parish thereof [35 descendents]
also the descendants of Edward Gerard in Tilliebouries in the parish of
Mary Coutter [ 43 descendents] both brothers of William Gerard in
Aberdeen father to Mr Gerand of Stenhouse pages 88 - 115 also see 115 -
Alexander Gerand sometime in Fiden said to be brother of the above
mentioned John Gerand etc.122 - 129 [16 descendents]
James and Alexander Jarrons pages 129 - 135 [57 descendents]
Mrs Stewart and Messrs Shaw & James Nicolson as descendents of
Thomas Garden convener of the trades of Aberdeen pages 135 - 146 [20
John & Charles Stewarts sons of Robert Stewart pages 146 to 150
Misses Susan and Ann Gordons and for them and their three brothers and
Wm.? George Gordon their uncle pages 150 - 159
Messes Shaw & Nicholson pages 159 - 168
John Cruickshank and others pages 168 - 200
James and Wm? Wrights taken at Glasgow “in the North Country” pages
201 - 213
Wm. Forsyth, merchant in Huntly and others 213 to 225
George Gerard in Forglan and others 225 to 242
Peter Gerard in Cairniebrae of Robert Gerard his brother pages 242 - 262
Mrs Gorndon Lady Kirkhill pages 262 - 269
Anne Duchess of Hamilton pages 269 - 272
Certificates of birth of Christian Gerard and her two sons George and
Patrick in Cullen page 272
John and Thomas Cottestones ? Jean Cruickshanks children page 273
Descendents of John Gerard in Nether Banchory uncle to Stonehouse
pages 274&275
Descendents of Alex Gerard in Findon and Peter Gerard in parish of
Aberdour pages 278 - 279
Descendents of one Jamon or Gerard pages 279 - 281
Descendents of Margt. Garden daut of Thomas Garden pages 282 - 283
Descendents of Norman Davidson of Balnacraig pages 283 and 286
Descendents of Elspet Gerard spouse to James Cruickshank in Cairnie
pages 286 and 289
Descendents of George Gerard in Finnagad pages 289 - 294
Various lists pages 295-297
Margaret and Elspeth Gerard daughters of

Below I’ve given a sample of the information available -which covers families from all over Scotland.


Page 175 –at foot

At Huntley the seventh day of October one thousand seven hundred and sixty five years . In presence of John Innes of Murefield Esq. One of His Majesty’s Justices of the peace for the counties of Banff and Aberdeen compeared John Reid writer in Banff and

Page 176

produced petition signed by him as doer for the petitioners. Together with the act and commission therein mentioned granted by the trustees of the deceast William Gerard of Stonehouse to the said John Innes of Muirfauld for taking all manner of probation by the oaths of witneses or by write that may be adduced before him by any of the relations of the said deceast William Gerard which commission is dated the fifth of August last. And he the said John Reid craved that he the said James Innes would accept of the said commission and examine the witnesses adduced, which commission the said John Innes accordingly accepted of and made choice of him the said John Reid to be the clerk to whom he administrate toe oath de fideli signed John Innes John Reid


Compeared James Fordyce merchant in Huntly widower aged sixty years or thereby who being solemnly sworn depones that he was well acquainted with the deceast William Gerard of Stonehouse and had frequently been in his house. That he has often heard him acknowledge that Elspet Gerard relict of the

Page 177

deseast William Forsyth late merchant in Huntly was his cousin german and that her father and his father were brothers depones that he knows Patrick Gerard in Craigiebrae and has frequently been in his house. And that he is the brother to the said Elspet Gerard relict of William Forsyth above mentioned. And this he declares to be the truth as he shall answer to God: -


[Alexander Harper in Ardonall? – confirms the above]


Compeared William Low in Boterie in the parish for Cairnie widower aged seventy seven years and upwards who being solemnly sworn Depones that he knew Elspet Gerard who was married to James Crookshank in Cairnie and that she was aunt to Elspet Gerard

Page 178

relict of the deceast William Forsyth merchant in Huntly by the fatherside. Depones that the said Elspet Gerard has by her said husband James Crookshank three sons and three daughters viz Peter, John, James, Bessie, Margaret and Jean Crookshanks. That the said Peter Crookshank with his brothers and sisters above mentioned are all dea, and that Margaret and Jean Crookshank have left no living issue that the deponent knows of. Depones that Peter Crookshank son of the deceast James Crookshank by Elspet Gerard had lawful issue of his first marriage with Jean brown one daughter called Jean who is now alive and as the deponent is informed is married to James Sellars weaver in Glasgow. And of his second marriage with Bessie Allan has lawful issue one son and three daughters alive and one son called George who is dead. Thus the names of the children alive are John Crookshank in Leith, Margaret Crookshank married to Alexander Allan blacksmith in Edingight and Elizabeth Crookshank who left this country several years ago, and as the deponent is informed is married to Thomas

Page 179

Colliestown Weaver in Newcastle.

That the said John Crookshank in Leith has no children the depont knows of. That the said Margaret Crookshank had by her husband John Nairn two sons called John and Peter, and that John as the deponent is informed is dead. That Isobell spouse to the said Alexander Allan has no issue. And that George who is dead left by his wife Sophia Brown one son named John Crookshank and two daughters called Janet and Margaret who are all alive and stay with their mother Sophia brown in Cairnwhelp. Depones that John Crookshank and Elspet Gerard is now dead as above mentioned has left one sone named William who now lives in Ruthven and has several children whose names the deponent knows not and that the said John Crookshank had also two daughters called Bessie and jean who are both dead. That Bessie Crookshank was married to William Scot in Pathnick and has left two sons called john and William both alive. And that Jean Crookshank was married to Andrew Wilson in Casemyres in the parish of Cairnie and has left five children who are all alive viz Thomas, Peter , Jean , Isobell and Elizabeth

Page 180

Depones that it is only of late that he came to the knowledge of John Crookshank’s daughters names and their children abovementioned. Depones that the deceast James Crookshank the other son of the said James Crookshank and Elspet Gerard had one son named John who lived in Glasgow and had children but the deponent knows not their names neither does he know whither the said James Crookshank had anymore children than John abovementioned who lived in Glasgow. Depones that the foresaid Bessie Crookshank daughter of the said James Crookshank and Elspet Gerard was married to John Dun in Cairnwhelp by whom she had issue Alexander Dun merchant in Glasgow now dead, Elspet Dun who married James bennet in Forgieside and is alive. Margaret Dun now dead who married James Morrison in Pitlurg and Isobel Dun also dead who was married to George Christie in Carnwhelp. Depones that he does not know the names or numbers of the issue of the said Bessie Crookshanks children. All which he declares to be true as he shall answer to God