Dun of Fife
The Fife family appears to be of ancient origin and may well represent a separate branch.
The family seem to have been in the parish of Kings Kettle, Fife, for a considerable period.
To learn what the parish was like in the 1790ís check the Old Statistical Account the login is at the top right of the page - it is very small.
Select Parish List
Under Account select 1790-99
This gives the County list
scroll down to Fife and click on it.
This gives the Parish list
scroll down to Kings Kettle and click on it.
Under Reference there is a link to Volume 1 page 369 click on it.
Unfortunately size prevents putting a detailed map of Fife on the web, but the section below covers some of the areas of interest.
A source worth visiting is www.multimap.com and if you search on Cupar it will take you to central Fife: click on map to see sample.